I'm Brett Anderson, based in Orange County, California. Currently a Sr. Product Designer at Kroger, designing the design system for the supply chain group. I have the great fortune of teaching the Internet Design 1 class at Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD). I graduated from LCAD and was known as the web guy. I have a passion for creating unique designs for my clients and want to present them in a way that's not something you can find off the shelf.

I have to be honest, not much has changed since that picture to the left. The same posture, the same typing skills, didn't help my eyesight. I love a good can of Coca Cola, watching or playing soccer or playing FIFA, and drawing (see the section at the bottom). I grew up around computers, as many kids have, so a mixture of art and computers just worked out well. I've been designing since my freshman year of high school, working on the yearbook staff and helping my Dad self publish a book.

During my freshman year at LCAD I got my first design job and have never looked back. I served as a missionary in South Africa and Swaziland for my church for two years after my freshman year of college. I came back in 2010 and jumped right back into design at LCAD. With that experience I feel comfortable speaking in public, I've spoken at Drupal Camps (LA, San Diego, and Phoenix), AMAs, Webinars, teaching at LCAD and BYUI about design. I'm always up for a good side project to get my hands dirty with.

My Fine Art Side

My family has a history of art, my grandma being the master artist of our family. I was lucky enough to be taught by her as a young kid. I drew throughout my schooling and minored in it in college but after my Freshman year, I couldn't minor and have a 20+ hour a week job. Below are some of the projects I've worked on recently, most everything I do is colored pencil or scratchboard.

Check out more on my art-specific Instagram @brettandersonart